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5 februari 2023
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Footer down…

The footer of your website is a great place to showcase important information, such as copyright notices or credits for certain plugins. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to keep track of the code that displays these credits and make sure they are always up-to-date with any new theme updates.

Fortunately, there’s an easier way! With Remove or Replace Footer Credits (or Any Text/HTML in Page) Before Page Is Rendered plugin you no longer have to worry about modifying code like footer.php which can break your site if done incorrectly and requires regular updating when using new themes. This plugin makes it easy for you to quickly remove or replace any text/HTML in page before the page is rendered without having to change the actual source code – perfect for keeping those pesky footers updated!

With this helpful tool at your disposal, all you need do is install and activate the plugin on WordPress then configure its settings via Settings > Footer Credit Options where you will find options such as ‘Replace HTML’ & ‘Remove HTML’ so that all changes are made automatically each time a user visits one of your pages – saving time otherwise spent manually editing codes within templates each time there’s an update needed..

In short: Remove or Replace Footer Credits (or Any Text/HTML in Page) Before Page Is Rendered Plugin provides users with quick access control over their website’s content allowing them easily manage their own customizations without worrying about coding errors occurring from manual edits which would require constant reworking upon every theme update – making life much simpler!

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